Course evaluation

A successfully completed course may be evaluated on the basis of an examination or other proof. The teacher gives information about evaluation and possible exams at the beginning of the course.
Here are some instructions for exams and retake-exams.

An exam at the end of a study course

If the evaluation of a particular course is based on an exam, the student should primarily take part in the exam which is arranged at the end of the course. This is meant for all students participating in the course and no registration is needed. The student has to be enrolled in the course in Winha programme.

Improving the marks

The student is allowed to raise a mark achieved in a course. This can be done once, either in a retake-exam or a general retake for all courses.

Restrictions for participating in the exams

The general retake exam for all courses exam does not increase the number of retake-possibilities. The student is allowed to retake an examination failed or a part of an examination failed only twice. That means that the student is allowed to participate in the exam at the end of the course and in addition to that two retake – or retakes for all courses.
If a course is failed the retake-exam or general retake exam must be taken during the following academic year when the student is enrolled in the school.
In case of failure to do so, the student must attend the course again.

Practical things

Students will be seated in every other seat so that one student’s back is in front of the student behind. Only instruments for writing ( pencil,eraser, ruler ) and a water bottle are allowed in the exam. If other material is allowed, the teacher will notify of this.
The student must show his identity card when leaving the exam.
If a student is unable to participate in the exam he/she must cancel the participation ahead of time.
More information about exams can be obtained from the Students Affairs Office, Student Counsellor and Heads of Programmes.

Retake exams

If the student has not passed the exam successfully or he/she has been absent from the exam, they may take part in the retake exam. There are two possibilities for retake exams after each study course. It is possible to participate only in those retake-exams which are connected with a particular course.
The retake exams will be arranged about one month apart after the course exam. The first retake will usually be about 5 weeks from the exam and the second about 4 weeks from the first retake exam. The retake exams for those courses which end at the end of the spring term will be arranged at the beginning of the next term when the students are studying again. The teacher will give the retake dates at the beginning of each course.
The registration for the retake exams will take place in Winha. The registration will be opened two weeks before the retake-exam and closed one week before the exam date. Registration is binding, which means that absence without justification will be counted as an exam taken and failed.

Instruction how to register retake exams in winha

There will be retake-exams almost every week. They will take place on Fridays between 12.55 and 14.35. As the time allowed is only two hours it will be enough for only one subject.


The study time tables will show the classroom.

Autum semester 2011 Spring semester 2011 
16.09.2011  13.01.2012
23.09.2011 20.01.2012
30.09.2011 27.01.2012 
07.10.2011 03.02.2012
28.10.2011 10.02.2012
04.11.2011 17.02.2012
11.11.2011 09.03.2012
18.11.2011 16.03.2012
25.11.2011 23.03.2012
02.12.2011 13.04.2012
09.12.2011 20.04.2012

Practical examinations on computers

There are four retake exams in a year based on the use of computer – twice in the autumn and twice in the spring. Registration and other practices are the same as in other retake-exams.
Exams will take place on Wednesdays from 12.55 to 14.35.
The classroom will be seen in the study time table.

Practical examinations on computer dates:

Retakes for all courses

There will be four general retake exams arranged in a year; before the autumn, Christmas and winter holiday weeks and at the beginning of the summer. This exam will last four hours. The student may participate in such subjects in which he/she has not been able to participate in end-of course exams of retake exams.
Registration for these exams will take place in Winha, starting two weeks before the exam and closing one week before the exam.

Instruction how to register retake exams for all courses

These exams will take place on Fridays from 12.00 to 15.30 except on Friday 8.6. when the exam will be from 8.00 to 11.30. The classroom will be shown in the study time tables.

Retake for all courses dates: